Truth of Life

Published on by Bhumika Gupta

Real is not a Reel its original. People are always trying to live another life. They didn't mean anything of their own life. They live in dogma.  And start the imagination of others' life, in fact, trying to live some other people's lives,  and waste an abundance of their time in their life. Find happiness in your life. Have respect for your own life.  Living your life, because is a wonderful gift of God. God born us individually for living our own life. Live the life of your own because is a treasure. . I experience with the people around me who live in a fake world. Everyone expects a white-collar job. For this, they do everything as they want to be. Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a year, Amazing changes are coming on your way. Trust the process of God who has to make our destiny. life lives fully. laugh out loud. Makes everyone happy. Be a cheerful person in your entire life. Walk-in nature feels the life of plants, trees love them, grow them, cherished them. You will seek a wave of peace.

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